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A Cashless Revolution for Smart Bangladesh.

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In Bangladesh, a land known for its rich diversity and economic potential, has faced a formidable challenge—how to streamline the management of toll gates, where millions of taka have been lost due to operating cash-based systems. Countless reports, including those by KPMG, have discovered that the toll authorities lose a significant amount of money each year due to cash-based toll gates. This situation creates a major economic challenge when it comes to repaying loans. The media, including The Daily Star, has exposed instances of financial irregularities, such as the embezzlement of Tk 11.93 lakh over three months last year. BBA officials discovered missing funds during random checks of toll records from January, February 2012, and December 2011. This missing money was a result of concealing real data on computers and duplicating money receipts.

It's high time for a change, and DMAcard is here to make that change happen. With DMAcard, we're ushering in a new era in Bangladesh, offering a secure, efficient, and cashless payment solution that ensures transparency and reliability in every transaction. Say goodbye to the struggles of the past, and embrace the future of payment with DMAcard.


DMAcard is the breakthrough solution for a Smart Bangladesh which offers a revolutionary way to pay for products and service. In a world ,where payment methods like cash, bank cards, mobile apps, and more have their limitations, DMAcard emerges as a beacon of innovation. It's more than just a card; it's a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution that empowers everyone with a simple touch-and-go payment experience.

This DMAcards eliminates cash payment and burden of carrying cash, while the merchant get the cashless transaction to their bank account without having to worry about missing cash or cash handling costs. . It provides real-time automated ledgers, enabling merchants to access live updates on cashless transactions from anywhere across the world.

DMAcard opens the door to a new era in Bangladesh, where both the rich and the economically underserved can access this revolutionary payment method, bringing convenience and efficiency to daily life. From loyalty and discount programs to bus and train tickets, toll gates, and retail stores, DMAcard is a versatile solution that promises to make every transaction touch-and-go, reflecting a brighter future for Bangladesh.

Discover a smarter, cashless way to pay with DMAcard.


DMAcard's operation is as simple as it is groundbreaking. With our embedded IoT-based smart card, customers can make cashless transactions with a quick touch and pay method. When you make a purchase, DMAcard debits your account and credits the merchant, all with a single touch on a Point of Sale (POS) machine. This POS designed in identifying the person which is capable of providing position, mapping and other information about the DMAcard usage and amount to the card owner instantly upon the transaction. It is design with highest security and safetiness in mind with stable performance, as well as advantages to the Merchant system integration for remote monitoring via the CMS.
This Smart Card is a one-of-a-kind IoT solution can change the cashless payment system in Bangladesh’s retail shopping, rail, road transportation and any other vertical markets. The POS device sends the GPS location of the stores, helps to track the transactions with the historical records. The dual netprocess option in the smart POS ensures steady data transmission even in remote locations of the country. When there is an emergency, the SOS button on the device can be pressed to notify the proper authorities in real-time


Ease to Use

DMAcard is easily accessible through any pre-registered retailers, and users can register their cards online or via the mobile app. The card is verified with an OTP on the first use for convenient touch-and-go payments at compatible POS terminals. Local POS devices, produced by DMA, are accessible via a subscription model.

Cost Savings & Precision

No need for the armor truck and security to carry cash, the transaction over cashless has send the cash to the bank online, the accounting and ledgers are available live in real-time. The DMAcard is precise in the payment.

Loss and Theft Protection

Normally same card cannot be used within 2 minutes for the same service on the same POS. . Excessive usage (3 times within 20 min) the DMAcard will be auto disabled, mobile app to enable.

Track Payment History

Easily monitor and track payment history through DMAcard account on website or mobile app. It provides with detailed and real-time records of all financial transactions for convenient tracking and management.

Effortless MFS to MFS or Bank to Bank Options

Topping up the MFS fund is a straightforward process to switch to bank account or another MFS, providing a hassle-free switching. DMAcard allows switching from the insufficient fund account to another account with sufficient credit for seamless touch and go payment.

A Step towards Smart Bangladesh Future

DMAcard is a revolutionize technology that makes Smart Bangladeshis in handling cash without having to have cash in your pocket or purse. A convenient and efficient way to pay for all different kind of benefits, like Bus/Train Tickets, Toll Payments etc. in a card of hassle-free touch and go payment.

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